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Madeira Desouza Visual Artworks

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Yes, it can be difficult to locate and collect business/commercial art that resonates with male identities and themes. Many options on the market lean towards generic designs that usually fail to capture the charm and power of genuine masculinity. That’s why the Madeira Desouza collection of masculine art from MALE GALLERY VEGAS is such a game-changer.

Male Art Men

There is a growing popularity of imagery that can be displayed in places of business which depict male characters.

six-pack of images

This includes imagery which features a focus upon men along with their activities and behaviors.

If you want to order Madeira Desouza artworks, there are two options:

  • digital reprints of existing artworks made just for you from any Desouza image
  • commissioning of customized original artworks as physical reproductions to hang on walls

Use Cases for Businesses

These artworks at MALE GALLERY VEGAS can be used as an integral component of the interior design at a place of business to set a specific tone or develop a particular theme. You can also order the male character art image inserted into your business marketing/promotional products such as bags, drinkware, hats and clothing. See the clear and straightforward prices listed below for masculine male art from Madeira Desouza.

Here are just a few examples of places of business where this commercial artwork will work best:

  • automotive businesses
  • barbers
  • cocktail lounges and bars
  • clothing and accessories sales
  • grooming services for men
  • hair and nail services for men
  • men’s fitness/health/wellness services
  • tattoos for men
  • tourism and accommodations for men
  • themed restaurants or food service companies for men
  • vitamins and supplements for men
  • workout gyms for men

Alternatively, you can create a gallery wall by grouping several smaller pieces together.This arrangement adds depth and visual interest to your space while allowing you to showcase multiple artworks that complement each other.

Whether you choose a singular bold statement piece or an arrangement of complementary artworks, strategic placement is essential to maximize the impact of your using masculine art from MALE GALLERY VEGAS in your place of business.

Unleash Your Authenticity

Madeira Desouza’s masculine male art pieces have been carefully curated to celebrate the diversity and strength of the gay adult male community. From bold and 3D digital art to captivating black and white or full-color photographs, this local Las Vegas renegade artist has a collection of visual works offering something for every taste and style.

street fighting men

By adorning your walls at your business or in your home with Madeira Desouza’s artwork, you can create an environment that reflects your authentic self. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, empowerment, or simply a visually stunning display, our collection has you covered.

Transform Your Space

Not only does masculine male art from MALE GALLERY VEGAS allow you to express your identity, but it also has the power to transform your space at work or at home into a male-themed sanctuary. A well-designed and thoughtfully decorated space can positively impact your mood, productivity, and overall well-being.

Imagine walking into a room that perfectly captures your essence—one that inspires you and ignites your creativity. Madeira Desouza’s masculine art enables you to establish a space that not only looks amazing but also evokes positive emotions every time you and your guests enter.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your home office, bedroom, or living room, the Madeira Desouza collection has the perfect piece to elevate your residential space to create an atmosphere that resonates with your masculine identity.

You can choose between two options for ordering Madeira Desouza male character art—digital vs. physical reproductions.

— Digital Products —

The lowest price available for Madeira Desouza artworks are for the purchase of downloadable digital products. You can choose to order an individual digital reprint of ANY masculine male image ever created by Madeira Desouza since 2007:

The price for one digital reprint is $15. During special discount campaigns this price is lowered temporarily. Use this link here if you want to order a digital reprint of any Madeira Desouza creation.

The artist also offers downloadable digital products produced every month at a special discounted subscription of $5 or $7 or $9 per month. You can cancel your subscription at any time and keep all the downloads you received:

Patreon page thumbnail
custom illustrated storybook image

Yet another option for downloadable digital products is for you to commission a custom illustrated storybook featuring Madeira Desouza images along with text that tells a story. This is a very unique downloadable digital product because you get to pick the masculine male characters and the story in which they are involved.

Now available:&nbs p; Madeira Desouza will create and produce one of his stunning Illustrated Storybooks on demand for you.

The finished product is a downloadable pdf which contains pages of original Desouza of Vegas customized illustrations along with storytelling text or character dialogue embedded in the pages (as shown). See the full collection of Madeira Desouza illustrated storybooks available in the Desouza Vault on Gumroad.

You Provide…

  • creative services project fee of $425 paid online
  • one original story idea of yours submitted in text format
  • up to a total of three (3) source images of males (yes, you may send in a picture of yourself) to be used by Desouza of Vegas to create digital characters

You Receive…

  • personalized, customized male characters depicted within a story of yours
  • up to twenty-five (25) pdf pages with images which include up to three (3) customized character faces you specified
  • one downloadable pdf of the finished illustrated storybook
  • generous collection of the digital image files which were created by Desouza of Vegas for the production of the illustrated storybook
  • author credit listed on the downloadable pdf available online — phrase will spell out something like this — “original story by [your author name]

Other Details…
  • ownership and copyright of all the digital image assets and the illustrated storybook pdf shall be reserved for Desouza of Vegas
  • character descriptions, names and storytelling details (including the final number of pages up to a maximum of 25) shall be negotiated by you with Desouza of Vegas
  • illustrated storybook pdf may be made available at the discretion of Madeira Desouza for the general public to buy within the Desouza Vault on Gumroad — a promotional consideration for your author name for which you are not compensated
  • story may also be adapted for a narrated podcast episode — a promotional consideration for your author name for which you are not compensated.
  • you may post any/all of the digital image assets online as you wish as long as you provide credit along with the post to Desouza of Vegas
  • you may not provide any copies of the illustrated storybook pdf to anyone
  • you can order additional illustrated storybooks on-demand (new story and new characters or an extended story such as a sequel or prequel based upon existing characters and situations) and you will receive a thirty percent (30%) discount off the posted creative services project fee

* * * * If you have any questions about commissioning an illustrated storybook, get in touch with artist Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas by email at

digital productreprint8 x 11.5 inches digital image file portrait mode$15 eachany image by the artist dating back to 2007
digital productone custom character per month8 x 11.5 inches digital image file portrait mode$5 per monthsubscription
digital producttwo custom characters per month8 x 11.5 inches digital image file portrait mode$7 per monthsubscription
digital productthree custom characters per month8 x 11.5 inches jpg file portrait mode$9 per monthsubscription
digital productillustrated storybook11.5 x 8 inches pdf landscape mode$425customized story with illustrations
— Physical Reproductions —

If you are looking for masculine male wall art you should consider unframed physical reproductions of Madeira Desouza works which are ready to be mounted on a wall in your residence or workplace. Reproductions are created by the artist personally and manually from a custom order placed by you. It is entirely up to you what image appears in each of the individual reproductions. What you receive will be a unique, one-of-a-kind unframed reproduction that nobody on Earth has in their collection. You can, of course, pay for framing to be done for Madeira Desouza reproductions at a local framing business near where you live.

square reproduction mockup
— Square Reproductions —

Start first with selecting a specific image you want to appear in the square reproduction. This mockup shows a digital image of a cowboy reproduced in the square format and shown in context mounted on the wall of a room. Three sizes of squares are available measured in inches (8 x 8, 12 x 12 or 16 x 16). You specify what images appear in each square. These square format reproductions are available only in packs of 6, 9, or 12 squares but not as single squares. The layout you use when you mount the square reproductions on your wall is entirely up to your imagination.

physical reproduction6-pack8 x 8 inch squares$180 for 6 squaresunframed
physical reproduction9-pack8 x 8 inch squares$270 for 9 squaresunframed
physical reproduction12-pack8 x 8 inch squares$360 for 12 squaresunframed
physical reproduction6-pack12 x 12 inch squares$300 for 6 squaresunframed
physical reproduction9-pack12 x 12 inch squares$450 for 9 squaresunframed
physical reproduction12-pack12 x 12 inch squares$600 for 12 squaresunframed
physical reproduction6-pack16 x 16 inch squares$480 for 6 squaresunframed
physical reproduction9-pack16 x 16 inch squares$720 for 9 squaresunframed
physical reproduction12-pack16 x 16 inch squares$960 for 12 squaresunframed
— Rectangular Reproductions —

Individual unframed reproductions are also available in horizontal or vertical formats in varying sizes where the height and the width can be customized. Larger individual rectangular canvas or glossy print reproductions are priced higher than their square reproductions counterparts due to the increased dimensions of rectangular reproductions and the art materials that are used in production.

physical reproductionhorizontal or vertical male wall art(varies)$425 to $2,000 depending on dimensions and art materialsunframed
— Made in Las Vegas —

All the customized physical reproductions regardless of their dimensions and the digital products are made in Las Vegas by Madeira Desouza. You receive unique and original unframed physical reproductions based on your exact descriptions and specifications including the opportunity to have character faces in the image created from source photographs. You receive digital products electronically. The kind of photorealism in the one-of-a-kind visual arts from Madeira Desouza go far beyond merely using source photographs of faces.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Each artwork produced to a client’s particular specifications results in being a wholly unique visual product with the distinction of existing nowhere else in anyone’s art collection on Earth.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

— Nothing Warehoused in Inventory —

He does not personally print out the reproductions nor does he do any of the shipping and handling. There is no stock inventory of physical productions waiting in a warehouse somewhere. This means each individual reproduction is custom-made for you and shipped unframed directly to you on demand. Known as drop shipping, this is a standard business practice in the United States today. All physical reproductions are shipped unframed directly to you from a reputable printing/shipping vendor. Digital products are sent to you electronically.

— Discuss Your Project First —

You interact with artist Madeira Desouza one-to-one to provide the necessary details and specifications before he starts working on your artwork project. There are literally an infinite number of possible options for you to get exactly the artwork you want done since you get to pick what is shown in the reproductions or digital products.

— Limited Time Offer —

Please note: These posted prices are in effect until March 31, 2024. While the prices for digital products will remain unchanged, there will be a price increase for all sizes of physical reproductions after that expiration date. End-of-year holiday season discounts (late November through late December) are available upon request.

Before Production Begins

You interact with artist Madeira Desouza one-to-one during a free consultation on a video call that can provide him with the necessary details and specifications before he starts working on your business or commercial artwork project and before you pay anything.

He learns from you through this video call precisely what you are looking for in your unique and customized artwork. The cost to you for your business artwork will be provided to you after Madeira Desouza learns all he can about your specifications.

Nothing is Disclosed to Anyone Else

Confidentiality is crucial in these transactions due to the straightforward prices and the status of each reproduction as being customized and unique to you alone. For these reasons, Madeira Desouza will never reveal your identity to anyone else nor will he share any details or digital file copies of what you ordered and paid for.

Review and Approval Process

Madeira Desouza creates an individualized and customized artwork for you made in Las Vegas on his computerized digital equipment only after he has received and confirmed with you all of your specifications. You receive a digital proof (image file) sent to you email inbox for you so you can see what you are getting and either approve or reject the work. If rejected, the project will be reworked by Madeira Desouza with additional digital proofs so you will be satisfied and can approve. Once you approve, you pay him electronically (no cash or mailed-in checks or money orders are accepted.) He places the order for your customized digital product or reproduction which is sent to you electronically (digital) or directly shipped to you (physical reproduction.)

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

After you receive your reproduction, if you are dissatisfied you are eligible for a full refund within thirty (30) days of the arrival of your shipment once you return the reproduction(s) back to Madeira Desouza. You are responsible for paying for the shipping box and the postage but you can feel confident you will always find the very lowest-cost return shipping at your nearest United States Postal Service facility.

Commercial Art Products

If your order involves Madeira Desouza in the creation of digital product artwork to be used for producing commercial art products for marketing and promotion such as bags, drinkware, hats and clothing, the same process for digital proofs (image files) will be used. Only after you approve will you pay him online. He then places the order with a vendor and you will receive a drop shipment of your order from the vendor. There are no returns authorized and no refunds available on these commercial art products.

— Need More Information? —

Reach out to artist Madeira Desouza for a free consultation before you consider ordering anything. Call or text him in Las Vegas: 702-845-5331.