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Las Vegas is known for its glitz, glamour, and gambling attracting tens of millions of visitors each year. But it’s also the year-round home for artists such as Madeira Desouza. He is a renegade whose unique style and storytelling talents earn him recognition and admiration from art collectors and fans of his stories from all over the world.

Exploring the Renegade Art of Madeira Desouza

Desouza’s art is a unique blend of realism and fantasy, inspired by his love of horror, mystery, science fiction, suspense and mythology. Since 2007 he has emerged as a renegade in the art world. His work is easily recognizable with its visual style of bold, in-your-face viewpoints, unusually contrasting light and darkness, intricate and intimate details, and explorations of darker, emotionally-challenging themes which all come together to create stunning, unforgettable images.

Desouza lovers or fighters

Like so many others who create visual art in the 21st century, Desouza makes effective use of computerized, digital tools rather than using traditional methods involving pens, inks or paintbrushes and canvas or paper. On rare occasions Desouza uses Artificial Intelligence to extend or augment his visual creations.

One of Desouza’s most renowned themes is imagery that appeals both to gay men and straight women exploring the male form in all its beauty and complexity. His digital creations are both sensual and thought-provoking, offering a taboo-busting glimpse into the often hidden world of male desire. See Google search results (free) for keywords “Desouza art”.

Deviant Art Collection (Free)

Visit Desouza’s collection of unique visual art works gathered at the largest art community in the world, DEVIANT ART. Access is free but you need to register to verify that you are age 18 and up.