Taboo Visions
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From local Las Vegas renegade artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza, known worldwide for his taboo Vegas podcast, comes taboo visions in his MALE GALLERY VEGAS for your eyes and mind. This gallery is far different (with a more edgy and rebellious flair) compared to art galleries with which you are familiar.circular avatar

Taboo vs. Standard Visions

Often art works which are frowned upon offer the most excitement and attract a strong following. Renegade perceptions, viewpoints and ways of thinking which do not align with the American mainstream or majority frequently appeal to viewers of art simply because of their controversy.
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You can choose either to view and enjoy this art showcasing masculine male characters here at this website, or, purchase digital products or physical reproductions for your business or commercial use in places of work as well as for enjoyment in your residence.

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You are most welcome to this wildly unconventional online gallery where you can discover the mystery and wonder of taboo visions created fresh in Las Vegas.